enjoying my studio with a very cool kid

Jesse agreed to be my guinea pig before he left for Spain. He allowed me to try out some different lighting set-ups in my studio in preparation for a series of portraits commissioned by Community Hospice of Northeast Florida. I am finding, ever so slowly, that I really love the atmosphere of photographing portraits in a studio. I love the warmth and light in my studio, and I love the way it creates a quiet space to connect with a person. I am also enjoying the simplicity of a blank wall or drape.

Jesse is mostly a very good model. On this day, he was a little sleepy after staying up late into the night editing. But his sleepiness probably helped him stand still longer. Jesse is normally full of energy and boisterous, CONTAGIOUS laughter. He is also very knowledgeable about lighting because of his own love of film making. I am very happy with these portraits of Jesse at 20. Next time, I'll try to get his uproarious side.