Susanne and Mikie, Boca Grande {wedding commission}

An easy drive south of Sarasota, there is a beautiful place called Boca Grande. When you step onto this island, it feels like you've entered an older time...peaceful, relaxed. The streets are lined with beautiful trees and flowers. Most people walk or use golf carts to get around. Several of the restaurants and shops have been around for decades. The water is blue green and the sand is white. It's a perfect setting for a wedding. Susanne has spent time with her family here for years, so it was an especially perfect choice for her wedding.

This tree was amazing--there was a palm tree growing intertwined into the tree.

I wish I could have spent half a day taking Susanne around to some of the incredible locations for photography in Boca Grande. She was absolutely stunningly lovely in her wedding dress; and I have to say she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
My second shooter, Craig Litten (BIG thank you!) got an amazing shot of Mikie seeing Susanne for the first time in her dress, and another amazing shot of Susanne's expression seeing Mikie.
Immediately following the ceremony. the bride and groom, the bridal party, and all of the wedding guests proceeded out the doors of the church paraded to the reception at the Gasparilla Inn.
Can you tell this couple is ecstatic about being married?
We seized five minutes to find a crazy cool lane of banyon trees where we able to capture some sweet moments.

Susanne's mother has an incredible, playful sense of color and fun. Craig and I had a blast photographing all of the details she lovingly planned for her only girl (Susanne has THREE brothers. Can you imagine what a great guy Mikie must be?) The lanterns, the flowers, the CANDY! were stunning and created a magical backdrop for celebration.The band was wonderful and brought the house down!

Thank you, Susanne and Mikie, for bringing me along on your amazing wedding day.

Kendra and Randy {wedding--Los Angeles, CA}

A few weeks ago, I traveled to the west coast to photograph Randy and Kendra's wedding, held in a Buddhist Temple smack dab in the center of L.A. Big thanks to Laura Evans for making the trip with me and second shooting! The temple and its gardens were amazing to photograph.

The Japanese garden surrounding the temple was filled with color and texture and beauty.

I was particularly drawn to the big gong outside the entrance to the temple.

The ceremony was one of the most moving ceremonies I've ever photographed. I asked the Sensei for a copy of his words. I loved his wish for the couple:

"We wish for you a home...not a place of stone and wood, but an island of sanity and serenity in the frenzied world. We hope that this is not just a place of private joy and retreat, but rather serves as a temple wherein the values of your life are generated and upheld. We hope that your home stands as a symbol of humans living together in love and peace, seeking truth, demanding social justice. We hope that your home encompasses the beauty of nature...that it has within it the elements of simplicity, exuberance, beauty, silence, color and a concordance with the rhythms of life. We wish for you a home with all the things which represent the highest strivings of men and women. We wish that at the end of your lives you will be able to say these two things to each other: Because you have loved me, you have given me faith in myself; and because I have seen the good in you, I have received from you a faith in humanity."

During the ceremony the Sensei presented Randy and Kendra with meditation beads.
The bridal party was a lively, happy group.

Jumping was their idea. I promise. Randy's best man was a particularly enthusiastic jumper.

Laura photographing Randy in GQ mode...

One of the things Randy loved about the temple was how it was surrounded by all of the buildings in downtown LA. I thought it would be cool to get a serious photo of the couple--but Randy was such a happy groom, we had a very very hard time catching his serious face.

Laura and I had fun using the cool gardens as background. I love the way Kendra's bouquet looks against the rocks... Laura's shot of the rings on the stem rocks--thankfully the rings didn't blow off and get lost!
Thank you Randy and Kendra, for an amazing experience. I loved photographing your wedding!

Lisa and Ted--Ponte Vedra, Florida

Check out the look on Ted's face when he saw Lisa walking towards him: priceless.

Lisa and Ted's wedding was characterized by such celebration. Lisa's mother is from Colombia, and Ted's family is pure Wisconsin. Both families adore Ted and Lisa and both families LOVE to dance and have fun.

brand new

Newborns fascinate seems there is a window of time--maybe the first two weeks--when they seem very old and wise.