a few good friends

I just have to say...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing weddings. I wake up this morning after Lisa and Ted's wedding--my feet, neck and back feel the work I did yesterday. They had a salsa band, and man oh man did this group love to dance, Midwesterner and Colombian alike. But my sore feet are way overridden by the lasting feeling of happiness I have from photographing their wedding. I feel this way every time I photograph a wedding: exhilarated.

I so enjoy documenting all of the emotions--the anticipation and nervousness beforehand, the solemnity and seriousness of the ceremony (and sometimes the funny moments that happen during), the joy of the couple at the end of the ceremony, the fun and celebration of the reception, the details of the setting. It seems to me that a wedding is one of the few times in a couple's life when they are surrounded by most of the friends and family that are dear to them. It's such an incredible opportunity to celebrate a gathering of loved ones and the joining of two families. I especially love photographing the older generations--grandparents and great-grandparents as they watch their families grow.

I imagine what the photographs will look like when this newly married couple's grandchildren see them. Will they see how much their grandparents loved each other? Will they see their young faces so full of love and surrounded by so much love?

I feel such gratitude to the families who invite me in with my camera. It is such a life-giving, life-affirming experience for me.

Taylor and Nick {wedding}

Taylor and Nick's wedding was full of good friends, loving family members, places to dance and celebrate and places to have a quiet conversation in a cozy quiet room at TPC, beautiful flowers by Arline, and a DELIGHTFUL bride and groom. Thanks you guys, for allowing me to document your wedding day!

Lisa and Ted {engagement}

I met Lisa and Ted at Mikler's Landing today to spend some time with them before their wedding which happens in TWO DAYS....woohoo! They just got into town yesterday from Wisconsin. We all enjoyed the beautiful weather at the beach--probably the only hour of clear skies for the past two days! I'm so excited to photograph your wedding on Saturday you guys! SLIDE SHOW

my studio

My father, who lives in Texas, keeps asking me to post photos of my studio. Since today is the 7 month anniversary of me moving into it, I thought I'd finally post some shots. My studio is located in the historic 5 Points Theatre Building. I love being surrounded by so much history. The theatre building was built in 1927. I have had several clients bring their mothers or grandmothers to my studio who remember coming to visit the doctor in my building. (check out the old photos and history.

When the owners renovated the buidling, they kept so many of the original the beautiful doors with glass, the gorgeous floors, the cool old mailboxes. This building has soul! I love walking up to my door and seeing my name on the door!

I never get tired of the way the light flows into this beautiful room. There's something special about the way the light plays off the original wood floors.
The view from my window. I can see the hospital where David was born. Two blocks away is the Cummer Museum.

I love the way my ipod sounds in my studio, but I was missing some of my favorite NPR shows. A cool radio at Nest Living downstairs was calling my name. One of the things I love about 5 Points is the mix of old and new--Nest Living is a very cool modern store inside an old building with very cool old architectural details.

I enjoy having a place to display the lovely old Crown Graphic camera my father restored for me. I am planning on creating a series of portraits with it as soon as the spring wedding season slows down.