Durell and Doug {wedding}

Durell and Doug's beautiful wedding was full of laughter and love. It was such a pleasure for me to document their wedding day.

Durell came to my studio for a bridal portrait a few weeks before her wedding. I am loving having a quiet consistent place to create photographs. I also enjoy having the option of using the incredibly beautiful window light that floods my 3rd floor studio or to turn on the studio lights to create the light I want.

Glenn Certain Studios created a feast for the eyes (and the camera!).

Taylor and Nick {engagement}

Nick wasn't so sure about this whole engagement session thing. I wandered around the park with Nick and Taylor, getting to know them, learning about how they met, and we stumbled on the topic of Vespas. It is clear Nick really likes his Vespa, and he and Taylor love heading out on a Sunday afternoon. So we decided to meet up again next week with the Vespa! Stay tuned...

Okay, so I know I'm way behind on my blog...

Maybe I should just accept that blogging is not my highest priority. Here are a few of the things I've been up to:

1. Loving and taking care of Rachel who had surgery a week and a half ago. The surgery went well and she is up and about, determined not to miss anything life has to offer. It will take 9-12 months of hard work to get her knee back to normal, but she has a great attitude and work ethic. I am so hoping she is able to start helping me photograph the beautiful weddings coming up. I love working with her.

2. Getting my first exhibit up and then taking it down, and then the best part: donating 13 LARGE :) framed prints to Hope Haven Children's Clinic. (I'll post those shots later).

3. Enjoying engagement shoots, weddings, children and family sessions and working with couples and families to design beautiful bound books and framed pieces for their photographs.

4. Working on a new project for the Cummer Museum funded by the Weaver Foundation. I've been following artists into underserved schools and photoraphing the artists working with children, nurturing their creativity.

5. Having fun with my oldest son, Jesse, home on spring break! Woohoo!!!

Thank you for reading my blog. It's hard to explain the joy I feel in my work. Photographing a couple starting out on a life together, or welcoming a baby, or a family preparing to say good bye to a loved one is such an incredible experience for me. Daily, my clients bring me in contact with what is most precious and meaningful in life. So far, I just haven't found the right words to articulate what a powerful experience it is to witness the special connections that happen in front of my camera--and the beautiful variety of expressions of love.