I admire...

my daughter Rachel. I love her passion for life--she loves literature and nature and her family, her friends and watching people. One of her greatest passions since the age of 4 has been basketball. I can still remember her--so little, often the only girl on her team those first several years, fighting for the ball, loving the challenge. How strange it was for me who never played a sport to have a daughter who seemed to feel the most free when she was dribbling a ball. How strange it was for me to feel such exhilaration watching her play. I have always loved the look on her face as she intently played the game, completely in the flow. On the court, she was completely free.

Last week, Rachel went up for a lay up during a high school basketball game and collided with a player on the other team. We watched from the stands as our daughter who has loved and played this sport for 12 years and never been injured, did not get up. My heart sank deeper than I knew it could as I watched her curled away from the crowd on the floor holding her left knee. We knew it was bad. The next day, the orthopedic surgeon confirmed she has torn her ACL. She will need surgery to repair her knee and 9-12 months before she can play again-a time frame that takes her well into the season of her senior year.

Now I am in awe of her strength, her grace as she accepts this loss, a death of sorts. It's hard for me to believe she is only 16--to have such commitment, passion discipline and drive for something at her age is remarkable to me. To face the possibility of losing something so special to her, something she's given so much of her heart, body and soul to, is heartbreaking. I didn't know how sad it would be for me, how deeply I would miss seeing her on the basketball court with her team.

I am so proud of you Rachel. You are a beautiful and amazing young woman. How did I get so lucky to be your mother? I know you will take this challenge as you have taken every challenge--you will give it everything you have, you will not give up, you will learn from the hard parts and you will discover new treasures. I love you.

Durell and Doug

I learn a lot about couples during their engagement shoots. For instance, I learned that Doug does NOT like to spin around in a public park, but Durell does (she was a preschool teacher). Doug does like to be silly and he likes architecture even more. He also LOVES to pick up Durell. The three of us had a wonderful time in a park near my studio. I can't wait for your wedding in only a few weeks! Click here to see more...

Peter and Blair {engagement}

I seriously have the best job in the world (at least for me it is)! I feel privileged to get to know so many special couples and to document their weddings. And I get to hang out with them on beautiful beaches! Blair and Peter are delightful. I loved learning about them and hearing the story of Blair's ring (it has a great history!). Thanks, you two, for a delightful afternoon! SLIDE SHOW

Susanne and Mike {engagement}

My daughter, Rachel and I had a blast hanging out with Susanne and Mike on a beautiful December day in St. Augustine. I'm looking forward to photographing them again at their wedding near Sarasota in May. Click here for their slideshow. I love getting to know couples before their wedding day--each one is unique.

Elizabeth and Brian {engagement}

It was so much fun to see the exact spot where Brian proposed to Elizabeth. It was also fun seeing him re-enact the whole thing! And may I just say again, you can't beat December on a Florida beach! Man oh man how I've loved the light and pleasant temperatures! Click here to see more...

So, I'm really more of a dog person, but...

I met these two adorable kitties when I went to drop off framed pieces with one of my favorite clients, and I was mesmerized. They moved in unison!