Litza and Ari {wedding}

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A few weeks ago, my cousin Litza, one of my favorite people in the world, got married in Manhattan. Litza has always been a person who knows her own mind. She is brilliant and passionate. Her interests (too many to list) range from cultures, music and books, to computer programming and web design. I first heard about a strange new way to communicate with friends across the country on a computer (e-mail) from her--when she was 9 years old and learning hyperlink on a primitive mac computer. Litza loves entertaining, she loves bees and ants and all sorts of natural creatures, she loves her family, and now she loves Ari.

Ari and Litza are amazing together. He matches her in many ways, especially in his zest for life.

Litza and her hair stylist worked together to find a style that would suit her and her beautiful vintage dress. They decided on a style incorporating the 1920's flapper finger waves. Megan at Lift Hair Studio in Astoria, NY, says stylists still take the same licensing exam that stylists in the 1920's took. She was very excited to have a chance to use her knowledge.

Litza loves vintage dresses, so of course, she researched and found the perfect vintage wedding dress, one she could dance happily in on her wedding day. Several times throughout the day, I was struck by how much she looked like a Degas ballerina in her dress.

Litza and Ari LOVE to dance. And they are very good at it. Here they are practicing their first dance together one more time.

I love the joy on their faces in this shot. I'm also fascinated by how they look like they could have been dancing together in a ballroom 80 years ago.
Thank you, Litza and Ari, for an amazing weekend, and for such a lovely wedding celebration.

Portrait Commission


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Neha and Rahul {wedding commission}

Every wedding is unique to me. It's always exciting to see different families as they celebrate and all the details that go into creating that celebration. This wedding was exhilarating because of the beautiful Hindu traditions and all the amazing colors. But the very best part about it was the joy and the love that filled the air. Here is a SLIDE SHOW of a few of the images from their wedding day.